Lunch Wrecked!

A dangerous encounter

The adventure started this week by the party deciding to start looking around outside for more information on what may have happened to the other dwarf. Once he went outside, Garis was shot at, and cultists yelled that they were surrounded. Some of the other party members stepped out as well, and Burang came out of the bushes, yelling something about her gods.

The, she hurled the giant axe at Garis, who noticed some sort of magical thread tying the throw to him, which he used his force of will to detach, lodging the axe firmly into the ground. Then, Burang ran up, and was damaged badly by Garis's call to action, but she managed to grab her axe and remove it, causing an explosion that hurt all of those around her. 

Then, Marigold successfully turned into a grizzly bear, and knocked the axe from Burang's hands. Burang began going for the axe yet again, unleashing some fire upon parts of the party. Baldric managed to get a shot off, but put himself too close to the edge of the clearing, getting himself shot by other cultists. Cairan tried to pick up the axe, but was singed by Burang's fire and backed off.

All this while, Altair was merely watching, unsure of which side to truly take. Scorchtail ran up to grab the axe, but was tripped by Burang and prevented from grabbing it. Then, Garis again went for a mighty blow, but Divine Intervention set in and prevented the strike. Another mauling from Marigold sent Burang down.

However, a darkness fell over the clearing, and what looked to be ethereal Springvine shot out, piercing nearby cultists and killing them. Burang then got up, with what looked to be a large dark puppeteer controlling her body, and she remarked how the missing parts of their experiments was death. Now, fully healed, the resurrected Burang came at them again, striking her axe deep into Garis and pushing him back.

The rest of the party had a bit of damage, but Oscar managed to be coming out of the cave when he heard of the book "They Undying", remembering it as one of the missing books from the library and unleashed a volley of magic missiles. Scorchtail also sent a fiery bolt into Burang's back, and Marigold scattered up into the trees as a squirrel. Baldric called out to his new companions, healing them slightly, and Cairan did the same with Garis, keeping him in the fight. Altair finally decided to pick a side, and launched daggers into Burang, but incurred the wrath of nearby cultists, who shot at him from the bushes.

Garis then delivered another blow to Burang, who, badly damaged, released the axe and made a run for it. As she was leaving she was terrorized by birds, bats, spiders, and other small creatures of the forest, yelling out that this was not the end.

The party then used divine prowess to discover how to remove the axe without it exploding, which they did. The axe itself is listed in the Wiki, and is called Volcanic Edge.



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