Lunch Wrecked!

A Tactical Retreat

The party, now in a cramped room with 2 archers, pondered their next move. Scorchtail, however, decided to set down his weapon, on a desk. Which burst into flame. One archer scrambled to get a water bucket from the room next door and found all of the planters on fire. The other archer decided to run to get more help with the fire, when Marigold tripped him.

The archers, now seeing them as enemies, decided to take action. The one running for help decided to continue to get help, of the fighting kind. The other latched the double doors from the other side. Oscar blasted the other archer with a Magic Missile, which did not kill him, and the archer called out for help. Hearing footsteps coming, Oscar teleported to the other side of the door, unlatched it, and then latched it once the party was in the planters. The archer on that side ran for it and made it out.

Then, the party awaited the guards coming down the hall, and then Scorchtail blasted them with fire, dispatching 2 and singing the rest. The party then ran back outward, where Garis collapsed an archway, and the party put a desk in the gap above the door and set it aflame. Here is where they heard an awful scream, one of a Salamander woman. 

The party decided it was a good idea to run, and the rubble they just created got blasted out of the way, and a flaming axe slammed into the door and tore it to shreds. Oscar cast cause fear, and instead Burang raised the body of the dead guard (who was now identified as Trif, one of the 3 who talked to Cairan). The zombie was trudging along, slowed without armored boots, and almost reached the party outside when Cairan Turned him, causing him to run back towards Burang and allowing the party to escape.

In the woods, the party decided to send out Marigold to check out how the dwarves were doing. There, she noticed some blood, and multiple sets of footprints, and found Gombar. Gombar said his brother went out for a bit and didn't come back. The party then noisily went back to that cave, but encountered no cultists on the way. 

Once there, Garis did more thorough investigation, finding a cuff link and Gombar showing a small tunnel a halfling could fit in. Marigold then went in, after getting a magically lighted branch, and found a lot of webs on the other side. She saw a magical necklace in the webs, and turned into a spider to sense movement on the webs. She sensed quite a lot of movement, so she decided to turn back and leave back through the tunnel she came through, although she detected a few other tunnels leading into this room.

Alas, no shoes were gained in this session.



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