Lunch Wrecked!

Everybody Loves Pudding

In this session, the party bound the guard who tried running away, and the black Ooze in the room started to attack!

Cairan, having acid sprayed upon his boots, went around to the pipe with water coming out and decided to  try washing off what was left. The Pudding followed him, and struck him from the planters, narrowly missing him. He then went around the other way again, and Scorchtail used his new Axe to blow a hole in the Pudding, while another half of it started crawling up the wall toward Altair.

Even though Scorchtail lost his Axe across the room, he still used fire to quickly dispatch what was left in the room, but the party was able to learn some more from the guard they captured. They learned that the pudding didn't eat the pipe it came through because it was "taught" by Barang. They learned that it wasn't very much and that the Ooze didn't try to attack the guards in the guard room. They also discerned that they could use patches from the sleeves of the guards to try and blend in.

Marigold and Garis also talked the remaining guard (Frank) into leaving the cult. He wasn't too big on wanting to leave, and revealed that he believed the water supply was basically being used to prime people to be used in experiments if they got close to death, but otherwise was harmless. The party convinced him to take his family and leave the island.

The party then decided to dress up Altair and Garis as cultists, and act as having captured the rest of the party as prisoners, and then go through the cafe. Before they left, they decided to spike the barracks door in the other direction, which Marigold discovered in her rat form. After walking into the cafe, most of the guards were wowed, and thought Altair was a regional sort of commander from off island.

However, a couple of guards at the back recognized Garis, and said something along the line of having fought the paladin the day before. After some back and forth, the guard said to go ahead through the door, and Marigold, being a rat, listened in afterwards and found that the guards were confident that Barang's "guest" would take care of the party.



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