Lunch Wrecked!

He's not such a bad guy, really

He is though, really

In this session, we played with only 3 adventurers, but carried forth what we could of the other characters' interests.

Using the Ledger and the items in the shop, Altair was able to find some useful items, such as a candle whose wax makes people tell the truth. He then convinced Gilbrand to let the party investigate the back room for the remaining items that were not indexed. During this conversation, Garis did some investigation of his own and found that nothing seemed particularly evil, although some things somewhat creepy.

Gilbrand eventually gave in, but under the condition that he first gets to go to the back room and move some items off to the side, which he was keeping for other potential buyers. While he was doing this, Altair slipped some sleeping poison into the glass of water at Gilbrand's desk. Gilbrand then comes out, Altair and Oscar then follow into the back room, and see a number of items on the desk.

Oscar is able to discern that most of it is junk, but realizes that there is a magical page turner, which he immediately wants. There is also a less important thing called a Mover stone which can move about 15 units (who knows what unit!) for a person holding it and then it is used up. Also, there was Spring Vine, which Oscar looked up a little about and sees it is from the jungle and when ingested by most animals not from its native area can act as a neurotoxin that causes increased aggression.

Marigold, being from an area where it comes from, knows more about the vine. She knows that it is invasive and grows fast, and that the aggression comes with increased physical capabilities before death about 2 weeks later, even in humans. She hasn't seen the vine around but knows it can also be used to make poultices or food if boiled down.

Oscar, however, is more absorbed in getting the page turner, and ends up charming Gilbrand and trading him a book he has already read. His spell did not go unnoticed, and also seemed to do something else to him, which he would not find out what until later. Gilbrand, now his friend, is then asked some questions, namely about the Spring Vine. He seems reluctant to give it up, insisting that Gavrial the local healer will take a look at it. He says "Brian" the woodcutter found it in the woods and gave it to him. At this point, due to the charming, Gilbrand seems suspicious.

The group leaves the back room and they get Gilbrand to drink some water, putting him to sleep. The group then starts looking around, and Scorchtail actually destroys some crates and finds the other items that Gilbrand hid. This crate contained 3 more samples of Spring Vine, as well as an assortment or demonic and hideous statuettes. Scorchtail is told they can burn the samples so they do so gleefully.

However, due to some evidence of dust billowing up from below, Altair is convinced there is a basement, but there is no door inside. The group looks outside and finds a cellar door with 3 locks and a chain in the back, which Altair swiftly and gracefully picks. Then his grace is lost as the doors swing inward and he falls down the stairs onto his face.

At the bottom of the stairs there is an iron door with candles on either side, and a hand print with an eye in the middle. Oscar says the symbol is used by cults to mark a meeting room, but it doesn't specify which cult. Oscar has some suspicion there could be traps on the door, but just sticks his hand to the door. Literally. The charm spell from before caused his hand to stick to any walls or doors that his hand is placed upon, which can be reversed with hot oil, which a combination of Marigold and Scorchtail provides.

They then use the handle to open the door, revealing a room where there is a symbol on the ground and occult imagery in the room. Garis scowls and starts defacing the symbol, saying he recognizes it, and nothing more. After a little bit of investigation, the group realizes that the building above is on fire, and Scorchtail, being an expert with such, realizes it is coming from the front room where they didn't set anything on fire.

Most of the group immediately leaves, but Garis sticks behind momentarily to investigate and grab a necklace before barreling out of the basement with only minor burns. The group heads out front where the fire is burning wildly, and a small crowd is gathering, none of which seem to know if anyone went in or out, including Gilbrand himself.



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