Lunch Wrecked!

It's a Trap!

In this session, the party decided to try and go back into the cult's hideout. They figured the front entrance is always fortified, so they went back where they had previously gone. Here, they found the rock replaced, and when the paladin moved it out of the way, it shot arrows out that struck the party. One of the 4 arrows remained in the gadget, and there appeared to be a tripwire leading from that arrow further into the hallway.

Marigold decided to turn into a mouse and scout ahead, finding no sound in the room that previously held the Springvine. The party decided to avoid the tripwire, with Cairan almost setting it off, and they assumed the tripwire was for some security purpose. Then, they came to the room, and scouted it out a bit.

The room itself was dark, with 2 new pipes set up in the opposite corners of the room. The party assume that some sort of refuse comes out of the pipes, and turned their attention to the guard behind the arrow slit door. There was a lever that uses a sort or rope on a table opposite him, not yet secured to a wall or desk. He himself was quiet, likely looking into the room.

The party decided to set up a trap for him, with Marigold playing the part of bait. She turned into a bird and flew around the room, while the others waited by the door. The guard called out to his friend, and wanted to impress his friend by shooting the bird from behind the arrow slits. Marigold in response landed on top of the pipe on the right side, which turned on and spilled out some water.

After some discussion, the guard decided to open the door to shoot at the bird Marigold. As soon as he did so, Altair slammed downward with his sword, killing the man. Garis then issued a command to the other one, who became scared and threw the lever at him and ran off down the hall. The lever opened up the other pipe just a little, and some black sludge started to pile out. Garis was able to stop the guard trying to run away, but more sludge was coming out, and the guards were previously talking of how difficult it was to handle whatever was coming out.

This is where we had to end the session, just before the party could investigate the sludge itself.



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