Lunch Wrecked!

Sailing Away

When the party confronted Father Mannix, the father was trying to convince Cairan to join him and let these other civilians leave quietly. He was convinced that he was studying some magic knowledge that could be used for many people to have a choice when they die to continue the lives of their loved ones. He said he teamed up with the cultists because there wasn't any other way he could do such experiments. Garis basically told him it was a bad excuse, and that he is not a good priest.

As the battle started, Garis rushed forward to attack, and was deflected off to the side by some otherworldly force. Cairan prayed to Aibitir, which enchanted his mace to use for the fight, obviously the god took his side slightly more than Mannix's. Then, suddenly, Marigold turned the whole arena into a forested region, with trees and flowers and vines and a waterfall. Father Mannix was about to use a devastating spell, and it hit the large center tree instead, severing it.

The battle continued on, with Baldric singing to boost his friends, and Altair getting the drop on Mannix. Mannix released several other spells like a darkness spell and magic missiles. Scorchtail rushed forward, exploding the tree with her axe, and continuing to attack. Marigold turned into a tiger, and pounced on him from what remained of the central tree. Surrounded, Mannix tried his best to keep up against the barrage, but was eventually slain when Garis swung down with his halberd, severing the priest's arm.

Mannix let out a final call, urging Cairan to take over for him, and to hopefully continue where he left off, before breathing his final breath. Cairan took the holy symbol that would signify that he is now the father of the chapel back in town. The group also took the symbol from the dead body of Barang, in case they needed it to get out.

The group then started on their way out, telling the remaining cultists to disperse. The cultists gave in, leaving the premises and possibly going back to their homes or at least somewhere else. The party met back up with Oscar and the dwarves, who had found a seemingly mute man who had a finder's metal compass on him, who had helped Trival escape. The party took the compass and left for town, making it there in record time.

Talking to Bari the town mayor, Bari was relieved to hear the news of the cult, and that the ship now had a compass. He said he would throw a party for the group before they left, and the group members obliged. Garis tried to find more information about the cult, but was duped and lost some coin. Cairan tried to make new friends for the congregation, which he seemed to do, but during the party the church library was basically destroyed, books thrown about the floor.

The next morning, the party said their goodbyes, and the group started to head toward the ship. On the way, with just those that are leaving the island, a large group of goblins approaches them. The goblins state that they like the Bard's music, and want to know where he is. They also ask if they can take over the place where the cultists were cleared out from. The party says they may go ahead and do so, and goes on their way back toward the ship, where the captain is waiting for them, and they decide to set out immediately, back onto the waters towards their destinations.



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