Lunch Wrecked!

Some Questions

In this session, the party was mostly questioning people. After the Assassin fell asleep from Altair's poison, he was tied up and stripped of most of his valuables. Garis, while the assassin slept, questioned Gombar about the deal he had made with the assassin.

Gombar said the assassin captured his brother, and so he made a deal with him for his safety. As far as the party could tell, Gombar did not gain anything extra out of this deal aside from this.

After the assassin awoke, the party then questioned him. Knowing that Altair had his wax back, he did not trying lying to the party, and told the truth, informing them of a stash of weapons at the front of the cultist's hideout. He also told them of a ship he had planned to use to get off the island, as well as the fact that he had to kill the Guard who was bashing down the door since the Guard was bent on finding Scorchtail.

After being satisfied by his answers, the party decided to tie him up in the cave, and rest a little while. During this time, Marigold was able to study and talk to the cave spiders, and as such learned a little about their culture. She was also able to remove the amulet, which she immediately was able to figure out was an Amulet of Wild Growth, allowing her to overgrow areas with natural phenomena almost instantly.

After this, the party decided that they needed to take care of the cultists before leaving, and were planning to take the ship to the north after defeating the cultists. They decided that they wanted to go to the entrance, as there may be more stuff that could help them there, and the cultists may be more prepared for the party to come in where they had before.



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