Lunch Wrecked!

Stone Faced Speakers

In this adventure, the party decided to rest for the night, restoring almost all of their health. During this rest, Marigold decided to study the stone of the cave, learning how to turn into a stone-like creature, and how to talk to the stone itself. During the night, Someone came into the cave, and the party did not see who. They then found that the person left, and the party did not see them.

In the morning, Marigold asked the cave what was happening. After a little while, the cave revealed that someone came in, and then jumped up onto the ceiling, and then walked out. Altair was also annoyed in the morning, mumbling about his stuff being rifled through. Garis decided to confront him about the button from his cuff, which Altair revealed he still had his but it looked similar to another merchant from the ship.

After this, the party decided to follow the tracks from where the dwarf was captured, and eventually made it to a stream. Marigold asked some birds where the dwarf and whoever was dragging him around where they went, and went to a cliff, with footprints going straight up. Marigold decided to turn into a crow, and carry a rope to the top.

When she got to the top, there was a camp, with a man in leather armor, who saw her and went into the forest. She dropped the rope there, and failed to convince the other crows to drop rocks on the man, and dropped a couple of rocks off the cliff to show there was danger. Garis, therefore, put his halberd down and used pitons to climb the cliff quite well.

Once he got up there, a booming voice asked him who he was and at this Altair became a little nervous down at the bottom of the cliff. Garis asked the voice to come out, telling him to have honour and that Garis was unarmed. The man thus came out, fully armed and charging Garis at the top of the cliff, where we ended the session.


Notes: the player for Oscar has left, and his character will be turned into a sort of "hireling", and I'll be going over the rules for what that means during the next session. There is no animosity with this player, he just ended up needing to step out from lunch gaming entirely.



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