Lunch Wrecked!

The Assassin's Bluff

In this adventure, the party came face to face with the Assassin on top of the ridge. First, Garis was struck, which poisoned him and made him silent. He then tried to move toward the fire, as a group of crows were commanded by Marigold to attack the Assassin. Knocked off balance, and having his own fire thrown at the tent, he was able to peak over the ledge momentarily.

Then, Baldric attempted to climb, falling and hurting his back. Altair quickly followed suite, but was not so grievously injured. Cairan then managed to climb quite far up the cliff face. Up upon the cliff, Garis went to grab a stick while Marigold swooped in for another attack with her Murder of crows, before landing near the rope in the forest. Baldric sang a song to heal Altair, but drew the attention of the Assassin, who launched a magical volley of arrows down the cliff face, damaging most of the party.

Cairan then made it up the cliff, and the man started to break away, when Marigold turned into a bear. The rest of the party down below started to go around at this point. The Assassin then jumped and ran up a tree, and stayed in the tree tops. He asked whether the party was with Altair, and found out quickly that they were. He then bargained with Altair, promising him the dwarf for a way to finder's metal in exchange for information on what he is going after.

Needing a little more information, the man then went up the even higher cliff face, and dangled the poor dwarf over the edge. As Altair continued to bargain, Bulrak the dwarf started to burn his own bindings, and landed in the forest, with the help of some trees that Marigold coaxed into helping him land a little less roughly.

The man, now frustrated that his bargaining chip escaped, ran down a different cliff face in order to get away. Unfortunately, he ran right into the party that was finding a way around. Oscar got a quick shot off, which knocked one of the man's boots off, leaving it on the wall. The man slid down, and was immediately fought by the party, able to deal some damage to some of them, but unable to defend against Altair's poison blade, which started to make him drowsy. He backed away and downed a healing potion, making sure he was full health before he would fall unconscious.

In the next session, we will go over what happens next as the Assassin falls unconscious from Altair's poison!



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