Lunch Wrecked!

The Walls have Ooze

In this installment, the party decided to go further into the catacombs, walking past one stone door and up to another. They ended up peeking into this far side door, seeing a pool with a black ooze already readying itself and coming towards the door. The party shut the door and began backing off, and the ooze started to break the door down. 

Eventually smashing through, the ooze started to come for the party, but Garis made it afraid of his Halberd, since it seemed to have unnatural intelligence. Scorchtail then began launching fire into the ooze, burning parts of it away, but not causing it to retreat. Garis held the line at a choke point, making it hard for the ooze to advance.

Meanwhile, Altair went to check out the other door, and found that it was an armory. Inside, he walked around the middle of the room, and suits of armor began to glow and the door began to shut. He managed to make a break for the door and slip out, but not before his boot got trapped within the door and completely crushed, sparing his foot. Now, his boots only allowed him to travel half as fast while walking up walls and ceilings.

He came back down the hallway where the party was keeping the ooze at bay, but with more and more pouring out of the room. Baldric decided to try and play some music, hopefully to annoy or confuse the creature. He was successful in this, in that the ooze was blinded while he was playing due to the vibrations of the sound.

Marigold then learned that the ooze was the Walls' "Freedom", and that as more fire was launched into it, it decided to retreat to the room and comply with the party in order to keep some of this form. It told the party that Barang went behind the stone slab with the man, and that he put some key in the armory which the walls could not see where due to it being worked stone.

The party then went into this room, finding some new equipment, and a circle trap in the center they were able to avoid. Marigold turned into a spider and walked into this center looking for the key. She was able to discern that something was amiss, and wrapped spider webbing around something that was small and had been invisible. Pulling by this web, the party was able to get the pearl that was identified as something that would dispel magic on some object. They decided this was for the door.

Using the pearl, they were able to blow the door to pieces, and walk down this new hallway. They notice there is no voices heard ahead toward where Barang is, and get a little tense, likely they've been sensed. They get to the end of the hallway and notice an ornate Iron Door, and go to open it.

On the other side, there is a throne with some candles set up, and a figure pacing back and forth. On the floor lays a lifeless Barang, and with her death Garis's quest is over. The figure turns and tells the party they had wished the party had not come. He is Father Mannix, and he has a sullen look in his eyes as he faces the party.

We left on this cliffhanger, leaving the conclusion to the next session.



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