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Looking for Trouble!

In today's session, the party have decided where the ship made an emergency landing, which was near a lighthouse that Cairan was visiting. Marigold also was in the swamp nearby, and saw the smoke and decided to help people at the wreck.

They discovered that the Compass, made from Finder's Metal, was accidentally thrown overboard during a storm in which their hull also sustained damage. The Captain of the Ship has been having his crew gather up wood to repair the hull, but they need a replacement for the compass and called upon the passengers to go forth and find some more Finder's Metal.

The town of Portsmith is 4 days away, meaning that a normal journey would take 4 days of food. Oscar, being a skilled accountant, was able to ration their food properly to save them an entire day of food. Cairan was able to keep their journey on task as he had recently made the trip. Marigold proved to have a bit more of a challenge as scout, as she was ambushed by Goblins after the first bridge, starting a fight.

Marigold was narrowly able to avoid a dagger stab after refusing to give up the party's money, at the price of falling on her tail. Most of the party ran forward at her yelp, except for Scorchtail and Altair, who kept going at a leisurely pace. Cairan, seeing Marigold in trouble, ran forward to defend her, but was tripped and fell face first towards Marigold instead. She was able to dodge out of the way into a Goblin, who proved the stronger and pushed her back over into Cairan. 

Then, Garis ran forward and issued a mighty Divine Command, telling the Goblins to leave him alone. The Goblins instead decided to laugh in his face, leaving him a bit embarrassed that his confidence did not shake theirs. Oscar, from the base of the bridge, decided he had enough of these foolish Goblins, and had one of the 3 flee in fear of Marigold, causing it to believe there was blood upon its hands.

With renewed confidence, Marigold attempted to turn into a Black Bear in order to roar and scare the Goblins away. She successfully turned into a Black Bear, but it was of cub size, and its roar rather confused the Goblins more than anything. One of the remaining 3, after counting the numbers and seeing that he was on the losing side, decided to book it for the bridge. However, he decided that along the way he would knock over the rather embarrassed Garis, sending him sprawling. The goblin was somewhat successfully tripped by the witty Oscar, but was able to recover from his tumble upon the bridge.

On the other side, the Goblin came face to face with Altair and Scorchtail. Altair said something or other about him being a Peon, and of course, the confused, poor little Goblin announced his ignorance of the word and decided to head off a different way. Altair shouted a few more flourishing words at the small creature as it ran off, further confusing it and hopefully setting it towards a life of education.

The final Goblin was confronted by Garis, who did not want to kill the creature, but rather scare it. However, he underestimated the length of his Halberd, and cut into the creature rather devastatingly. The creature survived and started running off, but not before throwing his dagger at Marigold, which was knocked slightly out of place by Cairan's weapon, and slicing her arm instead of digging into her shoulder. 

The party, rather confused at what had happened, continued on their way to Portsmith. Once there, the party went to a magic shop that was referenced by Cairan earlier, possibly as a way to teleport off of the island. Once inside, Garis detected evil within the shop as he was highly suspicious of the place.

Altair and Oscar determined that a high amount of the items inside were actually not magical, and Cairan failed to get his god to tell him where he should go next. In order to find what they were looking for, either the source of evil or an item that could get them out of there, the shopkeeper took out a ledger of the items, which will be reviewed at the start of the next session.


As usual, if I have missed something, go ahead and comment and I'll add it. I'll also be embellishing this log with links as I get more time to do so.

He's not such a bad guy, really
He is though, really

In this session, we played with only 3 adventurers, but carried forth what we could of the other characters' interests.

Using the Ledger and the items in the shop, Altair was able to find some useful items, such as a candle whose wax makes people tell the truth. He then convinced Gilbrand to let the party investigate the back room for the remaining items that were not indexed. During this conversation, Garis did some investigation of his own and found that nothing seemed particularly evil, although some things somewhat creepy.

Gilbrand eventually gave in, but under the condition that he first gets to go to the back room and move some items off to the side, which he was keeping for other potential buyers. While he was doing this, Altair slipped some sleeping poison into the glass of water at Gilbrand's desk. Gilbrand then comes out, Altair and Oscar then follow into the back room, and see a number of items on the desk.

Oscar is able to discern that most of it is junk, but realizes that there is a magical page turner, which he immediately wants. There is also a less important thing called a Mover stone which can move about 15 units (who knows what unit!) for a person holding it and then it is used up. Also, there was Spring Vine, which Oscar looked up a little about and sees it is from the jungle and when ingested by most animals not from its native area can act as a neurotoxin that causes increased aggression.

Marigold, being from an area where it comes from, knows more about the vine. She knows that it is invasive and grows fast, and that the aggression comes with increased physical capabilities before death about 2 weeks later, even in humans. She hasn't seen the vine around but knows it can also be used to make poultices or food if boiled down.

Oscar, however, is more absorbed in getting the page turner, and ends up charming Gilbrand and trading him a book he has already read. His spell did not go unnoticed, and also seemed to do something else to him, which he would not find out what until later. Gilbrand, now his friend, is then asked some questions, namely about the Spring Vine. He seems reluctant to give it up, insisting that Gavrial the local healer will take a look at it. He says "Brian" the woodcutter found it in the woods and gave it to him. At this point, due to the charming, Gilbrand seems suspicious.

The group leaves the back room and they get Gilbrand to drink some water, putting him to sleep. The group then starts looking around, and Scorchtail actually destroys some crates and finds the other items that Gilbrand hid. This crate contained 3 more samples of Spring Vine, as well as an assortment or demonic and hideous statuettes. Scorchtail is told they can burn the samples so they do so gleefully.

However, due to some evidence of dust billowing up from below, Altair is convinced there is a basement, but there is no door inside. The group looks outside and finds a cellar door with 3 locks and a chain in the back, which Altair swiftly and gracefully picks. Then his grace is lost as the doors swing inward and he falls down the stairs onto his face.

At the bottom of the stairs there is an iron door with candles on either side, and a hand print with an eye in the middle. Oscar says the symbol is used by cults to mark a meeting room, but it doesn't specify which cult. Oscar has some suspicion there could be traps on the door, but just sticks his hand to the door. Literally. The charm spell from before caused his hand to stick to any walls or doors that his hand is placed upon, which can be reversed with hot oil, which a combination of Marigold and Scorchtail provides.

They then use the handle to open the door, revealing a room where there is a symbol on the ground and occult imagery in the room. Garis scowls and starts defacing the symbol, saying he recognizes it, and nothing more. After a little bit of investigation, the group realizes that the building above is on fire, and Scorchtail, being an expert with such, realizes it is coming from the front room where they didn't set anything on fire.

Most of the group immediately leaves, but Garis sticks behind momentarily to investigate and grab a necklace before barreling out of the basement with only minor burns. The group heads out front where the fire is burning wildly, and a small crowd is gathering, none of which seem to know if anyone went in or out, including Gilbrand himself.

The Mayor and his Dwarves

In this session, the party met with the Baldric, a bard who knows Cairan and Marigold from around town. Baldric, concerned with the fire in his favorite Trinket shop, asks what is going on and what is happening. The party tells him, roughly, what is happening and switch their attention to the building, which townsfolk are currently trying to put out with buckets.

Garis, concerned about the safety of Gilbrand, quickly says a prayer and rushes inside. He finds Gilbrand asleep behind the counter, or possibly dead, and quickly starts to bring him out of the shop. He trips and falls, and drops the poor shopkeep into a fire near the door, but quickly grabs him and brings him outside and puts out the flames. Unfortunately, Gilbrand is dead, and it is difficult to ascertain whether it was the smoke or the fire that killed him.

The Mayor, a dwarf named Bori, walks up and asks what is going on, and escorts the party back to his office, where they tell him of the Cult basement and show him the pendant. The Mayor quickly draws an impressive sketch of the necklace and hands it back, and tells some scouts to head to the fort to alert the guard.

He also invites 2 dwarves: Gombar and Bulrak to come and help the party mine somewhere in the mountains. Cairan and Garis both go to the church to talk with Father Mannix about the cult, and hand over the drawing of the necklace. Father Mannix extends the invitation for a night's stay as well, and begins looking through the books. Altair declines and instead gets a free night's stay at a great hotel as the "Dignitary of Sandweech".

Father Mannix finds some obscure references to the cult, but Oscar finds, essentially forced into a book, a reference to a "Cult of the Old Gods" and shows the party. He finds some info about them, that they are well, old, and scattered across the world. 

The party then settles in for the night after discussing the cult, to set off in the morning for the Finder's Metal using the map they currently have.

To the Cave!

In the morning, a new group of people from the ship have come into town, this time to get defensive support for the ship as they were attacked by goblins. They consist of Trif the Guard, Maraph the merchant, and Lepran the Farmer. Trif expressed concern about Scorchtail, claiming he recognized them. Maraph asked where Altair was staying, saying he knew him, and did not seem to act on the information (for Dave, Altair met the guy on the ship, but doesn't know much about him besides his supposed claim as a merchant). 

Then the party left with the dwarves, off into the mountain. Although Oscar saved the party food, and the church gave them extra, and Marigold did pretty well in keeping a lookout, Scorchtail literally blazed a trail, unfortunately to the wrong location.

However, there was still a cave, and the dwarves went to investigate it, seeing if they can find any of the metal inside. Marigold, being curious, decided to have a look around and found a cart with some samples of Springvine inside. From there, she found a path to a seemingly light boulder that could be moved to supposedly open another cave. She was also able to determine that the cart had been driven south recently.

Aside from Altair and Baldric, the rest of the party went into the newly discovered cave, although they dropped the light flat boulder and cannot rest it up against the wall any longer. Once inside, they went down a long path that could have torches put up, but there were none on the walls. At the end, there was a wooden door with a screen that could be looked out of for a guard.

The party decided to knock on the door, and someone from inside told them to identify themselves. The party said the cart wheel was broken and needed help, and was told to fix it themselves. When Oscar said he tried but cut off his own hands, the man behind the door became curious and looked out the screen, where he was promptly charmed.

After being charmed, the man opened the door, and offered to go fix the cart himself, so long as Oscar keep his watch for him. The party decided not to keep watch and move deeper instead.

Inside, there was a 30×20 room that had a table and chair inside, with an archway that split off to either side. Oscar cast invisibility on Marigold, and she went right to investigate, eventually listening at a door she found not far down the hallway.

On the other side, she heard people working, and some metal clanging. She decided to look in the room, and saw one man barking orders to 6 others, 3 each tending to a row of Springvine. Behind the one giving orders was a table that had weapons that were accessible to the group if need be. She tried to sneak in, but shut the door a little too hard and the captain had 2 of the workers guard either door.

Marigold then went to the double doors on the opposite end of the room and found that each door had an arrow slit with an archer on the side. Around this time, Scorchtail, who was bored of rolling up paper to burn later, decided it was time to see where Marigold went and followed down the hall. When they approached rather loudly, they heard silence on the other side of the door as the workers prepared for a fight.

They knocked on the door, and Scorchtail open it, only to be attacked but was able to move out of the way, with the door unfortunately being slammed in their face. Still behind the door, Scorchtail decided to slam the door with fire from a nearby torch, knocking it off its hinges into one of the workers.

Marigold went around to the table, and took a match and started to burn the far side Springvine. The Overseer saw immediately and told a worker to bring water over there. Scorchtail summoned a sickle of fire and gashed into one of the workers, but was cut themself. Then Oscar cast Fear, causing one of the men to run to the back doors and start begging to be let through. This however, ended the Invisibility on Marigold, and the worker sent to put out the fire threw the bucket at her, missing and putting out the fire. She then tried to shapeshift into a Bear, but only had paws, which she used to slap the man to the ground and was kicked as well. Oscar, after identifying the boss of this group, teleported to him and told him to stand down, only to be shot with an arrow from the opposite room.

This is where we left off mid battle, with some of the party hurt. Garis and Cairan were not able to join in the combat, but will be able to put their skills to use in the next session. Below is a picture of the current layout of the dungeon.

Infiltrating the Cultists

During the events of the previous session, Baldric watched Altair disappear for a while, and then come back and alert him that someone was at the cart. Together, the concocted a plan so that their allies would not stumble back upon this man on their way back to the cave, and lured him with noise and song from Baldric to the north. The man was watched by Altair, and he said the man ate some of his sleeping apples and had fallen into a deep sleep in the woods.

When going back to the man and looking for clues upon his body, Altair fixed a part of the man's leg where it looked like he tripped and got cut on something. Altair then seemed to pocket something from the man, but claimed it was a ruby from his remaining wealth, which he keeps to remind him to be humble. After briefly checking his lute for looting, Baldric decides to go along with Altair to investigate where the party went.

The party themselves had continued to deal with the gardeners, and Oscar in fact was able to charm the Overseer, and began to convince him he was from a separate branch. There was slamming on the door outside, and the party assumed the guard from before was trying to get back in. After a tense standoff, they got some more information out of the Overseer, including that his superior is Burang, a Salamander woman who scares even her own underlings.

Altair and Baldric, at this point, move down the cave stealthily, and find the body of a guard. This heavily armored guard has a pin from the capital, which Altair says is not a good sign. The guard seemed to have been stabbed in the back and the door was half way smashed in. Slipping through the door, Altair and Baldric run into Marigold, and they all proceed into the room.

The Overseer eventually gets scared by Garis, as he tries to stare down both another cultist and the Overseer himself in his ruse about being an inspector, and the Overseer leaves the room to bring back the superior himself. The other cultists begin to disperse by either needing healing or by bringing the corpse of their dead friend out to be buried. The last remaining cultist brings them out of the south door and points them towards the Cafeteria, where we will pick up from next time.

The map has not changed much since last time, but I will bring in my map to lay out for the dungeon next time we play, so people can see what is on the map currently.

A Tactical Retreat

The party, now in a cramped room with 2 archers, pondered their next move. Scorchtail, however, decided to set down his weapon, on a desk. Which burst into flame. One archer scrambled to get a water bucket from the room next door and found all of the planters on fire. The other archer decided to run to get more help with the fire, when Marigold tripped him.

The archers, now seeing them as enemies, decided to take action. The one running for help decided to continue to get help, of the fighting kind. The other latched the double doors from the other side. Oscar blasted the other archer with a Magic Missile, which did not kill him, and the archer called out for help. Hearing footsteps coming, Oscar teleported to the other side of the door, unlatched it, and then latched it once the party was in the planters. The archer on that side ran for it and made it out.

Then, the party awaited the guards coming down the hall, and then Scorchtail blasted them with fire, dispatching 2 and singing the rest. The party then ran back outward, where Garis collapsed an archway, and the party put a desk in the gap above the door and set it aflame. Here is where they heard an awful scream, one of a Salamander woman. 

The party decided it was a good idea to run, and the rubble they just created got blasted out of the way, and a flaming axe slammed into the door and tore it to shreds. Oscar cast cause fear, and instead Burang raised the body of the dead guard (who was now identified as Trif, one of the 3 who talked to Cairan). The zombie was trudging along, slowed without armored boots, and almost reached the party outside when Cairan Turned him, causing him to run back towards Burang and allowing the party to escape.

In the woods, the party decided to send out Marigold to check out how the dwarves were doing. There, she noticed some blood, and multiple sets of footprints, and found Gombar. Gombar said his brother went out for a bit and didn't come back. The party then noisily went back to that cave, but encountered no cultists on the way. 

Once there, Garis did more thorough investigation, finding a cuff link and Gombar showing a small tunnel a halfling could fit in. Marigold then went in, after getting a magically lighted branch, and found a lot of webs on the other side. She saw a magical necklace in the webs, and turned into a spider to sense movement on the webs. She sensed quite a lot of movement, so she decided to turn back and leave back through the tunnel she came through, although she detected a few other tunnels leading into this room.

Alas, no shoes were gained in this session.

A dangerous encounter

The adventure started this week by the party deciding to start looking around outside for more information on what may have happened to the other dwarf. Once he went outside, Garis was shot at, and cultists yelled that they were surrounded. Some of the other party members stepped out as well, and Burang came out of the bushes, yelling something about her gods.

The, she hurled the giant axe at Garis, who noticed some sort of magical thread tying the throw to him, which he used his force of will to detach, lodging the axe firmly into the ground. Then, Burang ran up, and was damaged badly by Garis's call to action, but she managed to grab her axe and remove it, causing an explosion that hurt all of those around her. 

Then, Marigold successfully turned into a grizzly bear, and knocked the axe from Burang's hands. Burang began going for the axe yet again, unleashing some fire upon parts of the party. Baldric managed to get a shot off, but put himself too close to the edge of the clearing, getting himself shot by other cultists. Cairan tried to pick up the axe, but was singed by Burang's fire and backed off.

All this while, Altair was merely watching, unsure of which side to truly take. Scorchtail ran up to grab the axe, but was tripped by Burang and prevented from grabbing it. Then, Garis again went for a mighty blow, but Divine Intervention set in and prevented the strike. Another mauling from Marigold sent Burang down.

However, a darkness fell over the clearing, and what looked to be ethereal Springvine shot out, piercing nearby cultists and killing them. Burang then got up, with what looked to be a large dark puppeteer controlling her body, and she remarked how the missing parts of their experiments was death. Now, fully healed, the resurrected Burang came at them again, striking her axe deep into Garis and pushing him back.

The rest of the party had a bit of damage, but Oscar managed to be coming out of the cave when he heard of the book "They Undying", remembering it as one of the missing books from the library and unleashed a volley of magic missiles. Scorchtail also sent a fiery bolt into Burang's back, and Marigold scattered up into the trees as a squirrel. Baldric called out to his new companions, healing them slightly, and Cairan did the same with Garis, keeping him in the fight. Altair finally decided to pick a side, and launched daggers into Burang, but incurred the wrath of nearby cultists, who shot at him from the bushes.

Garis then delivered another blow to Burang, who, badly damaged, released the axe and made a run for it. As she was leaving she was terrorized by birds, bats, spiders, and other small creatures of the forest, yelling out that this was not the end.

The party then used divine prowess to discover how to remove the axe without it exploding, which they did. The axe itself is listed in the Wiki, and is called Volcanic Edge.

Stone Faced Speakers

In this adventure, the party decided to rest for the night, restoring almost all of their health. During this rest, Marigold decided to study the stone of the cave, learning how to turn into a stone-like creature, and how to talk to the stone itself. During the night, Someone came into the cave, and the party did not see who. They then found that the person left, and the party did not see them.

In the morning, Marigold asked the cave what was happening. After a little while, the cave revealed that someone came in, and then jumped up onto the ceiling, and then walked out. Altair was also annoyed in the morning, mumbling about his stuff being rifled through. Garis decided to confront him about the button from his cuff, which Altair revealed he still had his but it looked similar to another merchant from the ship.

After this, the party decided to follow the tracks from where the dwarf was captured, and eventually made it to a stream. Marigold asked some birds where the dwarf and whoever was dragging him around where they went, and went to a cliff, with footprints going straight up. Marigold decided to turn into a crow, and carry a rope to the top.

When she got to the top, there was a camp, with a man in leather armor, who saw her and went into the forest. She dropped the rope there, and failed to convince the other crows to drop rocks on the man, and dropped a couple of rocks off the cliff to show there was danger. Garis, therefore, put his halberd down and used pitons to climb the cliff quite well.

Once he got up there, a booming voice asked him who he was and at this Altair became a little nervous down at the bottom of the cliff. Garis asked the voice to come out, telling him to have honour and that Garis was unarmed. The man thus came out, fully armed and charging Garis at the top of the cliff, where we ended the session.


Notes: the player for Oscar has left, and his character will be turned into a sort of "hireling", and I'll be going over the rules for what that means during the next session. There is no animosity with this player, he just ended up needing to step out from lunch gaming entirely.

The Assassin's Bluff

In this adventure, the party came face to face with the Assassin on top of the ridge. First, Garis was struck, which poisoned him and made him silent. He then tried to move toward the fire, as a group of crows were commanded by Marigold to attack the Assassin. Knocked off balance, and having his own fire thrown at the tent, he was able to peak over the ledge momentarily.

Then, Baldric attempted to climb, falling and hurting his back. Altair quickly followed suite, but was not so grievously injured. Cairan then managed to climb quite far up the cliff face. Up upon the cliff, Garis went to grab a stick while Marigold swooped in for another attack with her Murder of crows, before landing near the rope in the forest. Baldric sang a song to heal Altair, but drew the attention of the Assassin, who launched a magical volley of arrows down the cliff face, damaging most of the party.

Cairan then made it up the cliff, and the man started to break away, when Marigold turned into a bear. The rest of the party down below started to go around at this point. The Assassin then jumped and ran up a tree, and stayed in the tree tops. He asked whether the party was with Altair, and found out quickly that they were. He then bargained with Altair, promising him the dwarf for a way to finder's metal in exchange for information on what he is going after.

Needing a little more information, the man then went up the even higher cliff face, and dangled the poor dwarf over the edge. As Altair continued to bargain, Bulrak the dwarf started to burn his own bindings, and landed in the forest, with the help of some trees that Marigold coaxed into helping him land a little less roughly.

The man, now frustrated that his bargaining chip escaped, ran down a different cliff face in order to get away. Unfortunately, he ran right into the party that was finding a way around. Oscar got a quick shot off, which knocked one of the man's boots off, leaving it on the wall. The man slid down, and was immediately fought by the party, able to deal some damage to some of them, but unable to defend against Altair's poison blade, which started to make him drowsy. He backed away and downed a healing potion, making sure he was full health before he would fall unconscious.

In the next session, we will go over what happens next as the Assassin falls unconscious from Altair's poison!


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