Volcanic Edge

Volcanic Edge is a large Axe with a constant fire produced upon it. It is most notable when lodged in some object and removed that it can explode outward, damaging those around it, including the terrain. The axe itself is single sided, and wielded with two hands. A design of twisting red and black strands makes its way up the haft, which is made of iron and wrapped in burnt leather. The blade itself looks fuzzy behind the heat of the fire which is constantly burning upon it, which cannot be willingly put out by the user. The source of the fire is itself magical, recreating the fire if it is put out and it is possible to reignite it (if oxygen is available and not submerged, for instance). Below are the combat stats for the Edge:

  • The fire on the blade deals +1 damage to any attacks made with the weapon.
  • When attacking, you can choose to embed the weapon in the target if you rolled a 10 or higher. If you rolled 7-9, you can choose to embed the axe instead of taking damage, and take a -1 forward to the Constitution check to avoid the explosion. While embedded, you cannot make any attacks with the weapon. An embedded weapon can be removed from the target with an action, and you make a Defy Danger (Constitution) roll to avoid causing an explosion (which you can choose to fail, but you do not gain xp for doing so).

    • Explosion: This deals damage to all creatures except the user within Near distance (around 10 feet or so). Those creatures make Defy Danger (Dexterity) checks. On a 6 or lower, they take your damage (including the 1 for the axe!), fall prone forcing them to use a move to get up, and become impaired on Constitution checks (-1 on Constitution checks till healed). On a 10+ get all of the following, on a 7-9 choose one:

      • Avoid the damage.
      • Avoid falling prone.
      • Avoid the impairment to Constitution.
    • The Explosion is considered Destructive and can be used to destroy terrain as well. The DM will tell you what happens when used in this way (no roll required).

Volcanic Edge

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