Lunch Wrecked!

Looking for Trouble!

In today's session, the party have decided where the ship made an emergency landing, which was near a lighthouse that Cairan was visiting. Marigold also was in the swamp nearby, and saw the smoke and decided to help people at the wreck.

They discovered that the Compass, made from Finder's Metal, was accidentally thrown overboard during a storm in which their hull also sustained damage. The Captain of the Ship has been having his crew gather up wood to repair the hull, but they need a replacement for the compass and called upon the passengers to go forth and find some more Finder's Metal.

The town of Portsmith is 4 days away, meaning that a normal journey would take 4 days of food. Oscar, being a skilled accountant, was able to ration their food properly to save them an entire day of food. Cairan was able to keep their journey on task as he had recently made the trip. Marigold proved to have a bit more of a challenge as scout, as she was ambushed by Goblins after the first bridge, starting a fight.

Marigold was narrowly able to avoid a dagger stab after refusing to give up the party's money, at the price of falling on her tail. Most of the party ran forward at her yelp, except for Scorchtail and Altair, who kept going at a leisurely pace. Cairan, seeing Marigold in trouble, ran forward to defend her, but was tripped and fell face first towards Marigold instead. She was able to dodge out of the way into a Goblin, who proved the stronger and pushed her back over into Cairan. 

Then, Garis ran forward and issued a mighty Divine Command, telling the Goblins to leave him alone. The Goblins instead decided to laugh in his face, leaving him a bit embarrassed that his confidence did not shake theirs. Oscar, from the base of the bridge, decided he had enough of these foolish Goblins, and had one of the 3 flee in fear of Marigold, causing it to believe there was blood upon its hands.

With renewed confidence, Marigold attempted to turn into a Black Bear in order to roar and scare the Goblins away. She successfully turned into a Black Bear, but it was of cub size, and its roar rather confused the Goblins more than anything. One of the remaining 3, after counting the numbers and seeing that he was on the losing side, decided to book it for the bridge. However, he decided that along the way he would knock over the rather embarrassed Garis, sending him sprawling. The goblin was somewhat successfully tripped by the witty Oscar, but was able to recover from his tumble upon the bridge.

On the other side, the Goblin came face to face with Altair and Scorchtail. Altair said something or other about him being a Peon, and of course, the confused, poor little Goblin announced his ignorance of the word and decided to head off a different way. Altair shouted a few more flourishing words at the small creature as it ran off, further confusing it and hopefully setting it towards a life of education.

The final Goblin was confronted by Garis, who did not want to kill the creature, but rather scare it. However, he underestimated the length of his Halberd, and cut into the creature rather devastatingly. The creature survived and started running off, but not before throwing his dagger at Marigold, which was knocked slightly out of place by Cairan's weapon, and slicing her arm instead of digging into her shoulder. 

The party, rather confused at what had happened, continued on their way to Portsmith. Once there, the party went to a magic shop that was referenced by Cairan earlier, possibly as a way to teleport off of the island. Once inside, Garis detected evil within the shop as he was highly suspicious of the place.

Altair and Oscar determined that a high amount of the items inside were actually not magical, and Cairan failed to get his god to tell him where he should go next. In order to find what they were looking for, either the source of evil or an item that could get them out of there, the shopkeeper took out a ledger of the items, which will be reviewed at the start of the next session.


As usual, if I have missed something, go ahead and comment and I'll add it. I'll also be embellishing this log with links as I get more time to do so.



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