Lunch Wrecked!

A Puzzling Puzzle

In this adventure, the party went down the stairs, where they saw a hallway with a large iron door on the right, and a circular room at the end of the hallway. The iron door was ornate, but they decided to check out further down the hallway, where they found a statue of some demonic creature with 4 arms and tentacles protruding from its body. They saw 2 wooden doors and a large stone door. The stone door appeared trapped, but the actual trap lay on the other side of the door.

The party found a holy symbol on the back side of the statue, and saw footsteps going around the statue. Because of this, they walked around the statue several times, and heard a click from behind one of the wooden doors. They entered the room, obviously a bedroom, to see a rather normal room, except there was an obsidian hand holding what appeared to be an eye. Baldric picked up the eye, and no matter what angle he held it, it was always looking at him. The rest of the party could see a triangle dug into the opposite side of the eye.

The party then decided to check out the other room, which appeared to be a meeting room. They saw a sign on the back that just said "Triangle Hand", implying some sort of message with the back of the eye and a hand. Going back out into the main room, they noticed a triangle sticking out of one of the demon statue's hands. Baldric decided to put the eye there, and the eye was crushed by the hand, splattering a blood-like substance across the room which quickly evaporated. Then, the stone door opened.

Inside was what appeared to be catacombs, which Marigold tried to talk to the walls of. The walls were defiant, claiming that Burang let them be free, and would not side with the enemy. The party decided to keep going down, until they found another stone door. Marigold then talked to some of the rats in the room, which revealed that the stone door was not a door and rather a sort of piece that was recently set up by someone. The party was left to puzzle this door for a while longer, contemplating whether to make noise by blasting it apart or to keep continuing down the catacombs.



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